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Buatlah Scary Stories?

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Once upon a time, a wicked witch lived in the wood. The witch is a cannibal person and would eat the villager alive, she also did some experinents to her victim, usually she will mutilated her victim and keep her victim’s body in a wood cupboard as a food supply. The witch mode some terrible potion that can make people’s skin burnt with black fire that will never dead. The villager are so scared of the witch.

One day, a curious boy named Bobby came into a haunted house, he want to prove that the house is not haunted. In the middle of night, he and his friend, Debbie came to the house. At first, there was nothing to worry, but they start to heard a screaming girl and a crying baby sound. They observe it and they saw an old skeleton that want to arrest them from disturbing his house. Bobby and Debbie were so scared, they try to escape but the door suddenly closed by the mythic power of the skeleton. They trapped in the room with the skeleton and have no idea to escape. Now, they are gone and there is no news that tell they still alive

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