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Complete Using Phrase “adjective”
The Kids Are Afraid Watching “ghost Movie”. It Is … Movie​

Jawaban: #1:

The kids are afraid of watching “ghost movie”. It is scary/frightening movie

Anak-anak takut nonton “Film Horor.” Itu adalah film menyeramkan

You can fill the gaps with the phrase “scary” or “frightening.” You can choose either. Both of them are adjectives.  


There are eight parts of speech in English, among others :

1)  Noun

  • Noun could be a subject, an object, an indirect object, a direct object, subject complement or object of preposition. Noun usually contains the name of person, thing place and an idea.


Mr. Craig bought a new book.

2) Pronoun

  • Pronoun as a substitution of specific noun and it is usually called antecedent. There are five kinds of pronouns, among others  personal pronoun, possessive pronoun, reflexive pronoun, relative pronoun, and demonstrative pronoun.


Mr. Malvis
gave me a present because I helped him yesterday.

3) Verb

  • Verb explains the action. A verb form must be similar with its subject form whether it is singular or plural. Verbs also states the variety of time or we can say “tenses.”


Leona read the book last night.

4)  Adjective

  • Adjective has the function to modify/explain the nouns or pronouns. It usually gives the idea “what does it look like, how is it, which one.”


He is handsome. Every girl loves him.

5) Adverb

  • Adverb has the function to modify/explain the verb, adjective, and another adverb. Adverb gives the idea “where, when, how, why, or to what degree.”


My grandma didn’t walk carefully, as a result, she got a very serious scar.

6) Preposition

  • Preposition is usually placed before noun or pronoun, to connect other parts of speech in the sentence.


I put ten kitties in the cage.

7) Conjunction

  • Conjunction is used to connect/relate the phrase, word, and clause.


Even though
the weather was cold, he went swimming.

8) Interjection

  • Interjection expresses the emotion. It usually contains the ungrammatical phrases .


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