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What Will You Know About Cyber Crime Scene??

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that’s a question or a question?
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Police procedurals have been among the most popular television programs for many years, hearkening back to the 1950s when Jack Webb’s Dragnet was hailed as the first “realistic” cop show (as we were reminded every week in its opening: “The story you are about to see is true …”). Crime shows are still one of the most popular genres today, with the airwaves dominated by such major network offerings as CSI, Law & Order, and NCIS (in all their incarnations).

In many of these, computer forensics and computer-based criminal investigation plays an important role in the storyline. Each program seems to have at least one character designated as the resident “computer genius” who, with a few keystrokes, can tap into every database – public and private – in existence (up to and including military spy satellites); run instantaneous DNA analysis on the most minute piece of trace evidence; and take control of remote computers, cell phones, traffic lights and motor vehicles to track down the bad guys and bring them to justice


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